Morri Thés de la Pagode

$17 CAN / 60 g


Morri Jasmin green Tea
Organic Green tea 
To keep the memory
30 teabags

Morri tea is a fine green tea from China delicately
flavoured with the fresh flowers of jasmine. It is a very
rare tea from Zhejiang, picked in springtime, in gardens
at a high altitude and using Chinese traditions.
This gives the tea noteworthy properties and a
sophisticated, delicate taste.

It was traditionally used by the Chinese as a tonic,
for its promotion of alertness, the intellect and to
support good memory condition. It contains all
the properties of a green tea rich in antioxidants
and catechins, combined with the toning properties
of jasmine.

The theine contained in green tea stimulates mental
activity without agitating or exciting like the

caffeine in coffee.

Morri tea is an excellent breakfast tea and also
is a surprisingly good accompaniment to
very spicy dishes.