Maple Syrup Organic Extra Light

250 mL

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Pure Maple Syrup Extra Light, CANADA #1
The refinement of this extra light maple syrup provides
its unique taste. The sacred tree of Quebec, the maple
tree, reveals a wide range of flavors found in this
exceptional product.
For unlimited use and guilt-free pleasure...

The delicacy of this extra light maple syrup agrees
many sweet and savory dishes. Combine with
or mayonnaise sauces, or use to deglaze
dishes, to cook
bitter vegetables or with sheep's
milk cheese
and a dash of ground pepper.

Our maple syrup comes from an ancestral Quebec tradition.
The maple tree is a sacred tree in Quebec. Every spring it
gives us its "sap" which once reduced by heating becomes
a sweet extra light syrup. I choose this first quality syrup to
create iSens flavoured maple syrups. The natural oils are
added during bottling. the perfect match of maple with
exotic flavors like yuzu, lychee or wild mandarin creates a
rich diversity of gourmet products for an international cuisine.